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Home Page - Here you'll see Pete "The Greek" Floros and his venue set up. Pete produces graphics of all types for bikers wanting to add personalization to their bikes. Browse through all of our pages and literally hundreds of prime example photos of Pete's work.

About Us! - This page tells you about Pete "The Greek Floros and his years of graphics experience. Did you know that Pete is a retired Sheriff? Read his story here.

Contact Us! - Pete feels this is a very important page. This page houses all of our contact information. You can reach us 24/7 and we look forward to helping you.

Events - Pete travels the highways of America to and from over 26 National Biker Events in almost as many states. To find Pete's next show, just look at the events table to see when he is going to be in your neck of the woods. This is a linkable Schedule of Events for Pete "The Greek" Graphics.

Gallery - The Gallery houses some of Pete's best works. From murals to temporary tattoos. Pete has a wide range of products, all custom designed to make your bike, truck, boat, or car a one of a kind masterpiece. If you've got an image or just an idea for one, Pete can fix you up. See our pictures, logos, gold leaf, pinstriping, airbrush, signs, and custom works right here.

ACE IT - A very unique product specifically designed for everything on your valuable ride. If you've been looking for a quality product to help you protect all of the surfaces of your entire vehicle, then ACE IT is what you need. Read all about it and order some on line today.

Pinstriping - Pete learned this craft very early in his career and has taken his style to a new level. He does all types of pinstriping that really can't be explained, you'll have to look at it for yourself.

Pete's General Store - Can't get to one of the 26 shows on Pete's schedule? Not a problem. Pete has all kinds of goodies that you can order via his store with Secure Pay Pal or you can call Pete personally and place your order. No, you won't get a pre-recorded telephone turn-style, it's Pete himself. Call and place your order today!

Airbrush & Murals - Some of the most magnificent murals ever created dot the pages of this section. If you can dream it or think it, Pete can reproduce it. Want a picture reproduced? Just give it to Pete and you'll be satisfied! 

Tattoos - Kids just love these! These tattoos are temporary, long lasting tattoos. You can test drive one before you get the real thing or just fool your family and friends with a temp. These tattoos make you look more like a real biker! Look at our examples.

Etchings - Freehand Etching into glass and plastic windshields is permanent, but not with Pete's "Etchllook Vinyl", it can be removed. Looks and feels just like the real thing. Pete can make an etching out of any image you want or choose from hundreds of samples he has available. Nothing shows up better than one of Pete's etchings on a windshield with Windshield lights as listed on the Store Pages.

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Advertising - Want to advertise your products and/or services to over 400K visitors per month at a very premium price? Visit our Advertising Page to find out  how to get in on this deal!

Sponsorships - Pete is looking for special sponsors to help his business grow. He, in turn, is willing to provide quality advertising to millions of biker visitors each year. If you are interested in promoting your business or organization, then you need to come to our Sponsorships page and see what we can do for you.

Affiliates - Pete wants to share the wealth and is wanting to take on some affiliates to help him get the word out about his special talents and products. Check out our Affiliates Page for more information.

Web Master - The J3 Company Network is a company built to help small businesses and organizations get on the Internet. We don't charge an arm and a leg for our products, we just want more customers. Pete had his site built and maintained by The J3 Company Network. See how his site has grown into a full e-commerce site. Visit our Web Master's page and The J3 Company Network Home Site for more detailed information. "We make your business work harder for you and for less than anyone else on the net."


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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P.O. Box 326, Centerville, GA. 31028

We want you to be completely satisfied with your buying experience. Please let us know if you had any problems or concerns.


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