Corporate Sponsorships is a multi-billion dollar business. It's how Corporate America advertises it's services and/or products to the public. Companies like Coke, Budweiser, DuPont, General Electric, and GM Goodwrench, just to name a few, are heavily involved in auto racing. Their return on advertising sponsorships is five to one. For every dollar they spend, they get five back from loyal consumers who see their logos prominently displayed at races and race related events. This works in other markets too. Motorcycling is a very powerful media and attracts literally millions of riders per year. Biker Events draw thousands of visitors to each one and are held all over the country, year round! Pete visits at least 26+ major biker events per year (See his schedule on the "Events" page).  He probably sees well over 1 million dedicated riders a year who are just as loyal a consumer as most NASCAR fans, most bikers are NASCAR fans as well and are used to the advertising techniques used at major auto racing events.

The bottom line is this, if you have a company and would like to get involved in the ever growing market of bikers across America, this is your ticket. Become a Corporate Sponsor of Pete "The Greek" Graphics and have your company represented at over 26 biker shows per year in almost every state of the United States. Not to mention that you'll also get prominent sponsorship space on this Website as well as on Pete's Traveling Workshop where it will be seen by the public as he travels the thousands of miles between shows as well as at the shows. There is no better way to introduce your company or organization to the motorcycle riding public than to participate in this sponsorship program.


Can't you just see your company name on a nice rig like this or on Pete's Rolling Workshop? I wonder how many people a year see this setup driving up and down the highways of America in route to 26 Biker Shows, not to mention the thousands who walk past it while it is setup at the shows?

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