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These items are personally endorsed and sold by Pete "The Greek" Floros to thousands of bikers all over the country!

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Pete's General Store

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Motorcycle Flags and Flag Poles

Show your pride by displaying your favorite flag or flags on your ride. We have one that will fit your bike!

Click on the pictures below to see an enlarged version.

3/4" diameter non-fold down Flag Mounting Pole

(Flags sold separately.)

Order #001-A for Gold Eagle Pole Topper

Order #001-B for Bullet Pole Top

$39.99 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling

Topper Type

1/2" diameter Fold Down Flag Mounting Pole

(Flags sold separately.)

Order #002-A for Gold Eagle Pole Topper

Order #002-B for Bullet Pole Top

$39.99 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling 

Topper Type

1/2" diameter Fold Down Flag Mounting Pole for square tube mounting.

(Flags sold separately.)

Order #003-A for Gold Eagle Pole Topper

Order #003-B for Bullet Pole Top

$49.99 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling

Pole Topper
All Flags are 6" X 9" with sewn seams.

#004 The U.S. Flag

Each $12.00 + $6.50 Shipping & Handling


#005 POW Flag

Each $12.00 + $6.50 Shipping & Handling

Military & State Flags Shown are In Stock and Priced: $15.00 ea. + $6.50 Shipping & Handling

Other State Flags available by special order. Pricing may vary. Call us today!

#006 Alabama State Flag

#007 US Air Force Flag

#008 US Army Flag

#009 Florida State Flag

#010 Georgia State Flag

#011 US Marine Flag

 #012 US Navy Flag

#013 Oklahoma State Flag

#014 Rebel Flag

#015 Texas State Flag

Other State Flags available by special order. Prices may vary. Call or E-mail us today for more information.  

Let your pride show and do it in style. Get a couple of Pete's Flags and Flag poles for your bike today.

Lights that light up your ride!
Windshield Illuminators LED

#016-A Red LED's  $69.00 Each + $8.50 Shipping + Handling 

   #016-B Amber LED's $69.00 Each  + $8.50 Shipping + Handling 

#016-C Blue LED's $79.00 Each + $8.50 Shipping + Handling

#016-D White LED's $79.00 Each   + $8.50 Shipping + Handling

 #016-E Green LED's $79.00 Each   + $8.50 Shipping + Handling

These Chrome Brackets and inset LED Light Strips attach to the windshield's edge with two (2) No Drill "Snug" set screws. Illuminates your whole windshield and highlights the edges without interfering with your night vision.

May not have the same effect on windshields with full tinting. Call or Email us if you have questions.

As Installed on Pete's Bike.

     Easy to install with only 2 wires each. In order to prevent wiring system damage, it is highly recommended that you also purchase and install the waterproof switch and fuse housings shown below.

This is a close up of the actual installation.


This is your windshield at night!

These will also help others to see you!

Hyper Lites
These LED lights are specifically designed to "GET ATTENTION" and should be mounted on the rear of the bike.

Running Mode- is constant "ON". Brake Mode- "Flashes".

These lights are very bright and should not be viewed up close without your sunglasses on, they will hurt your eyes!

#017  Eight count LED Module (Pair on the right) $75.00 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling

#018 Sixteen count LED Module (Pair on the left) $95.00 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling

Each kit comes complete with "crimp-on" schematic for easy installation to your existing brake and running light wiring.

Pete's other LED Favorites

#019 Mini 4 Red LED Lights $21.95 pair + $6.50 Shipping

Each 3 LED light in chrome hosing is $15.00 + $6.50 Shipping & Handling

#020-A  Red   

 #020-B Blue  

#020-C Amber

#020-D Green 

   #020-E White

#021 Flashing Mini Strobe Light $21.95 each + $6.50 Shipping & Handling

This LED Mini-Strobe comes with 6 interchangeable color lenses. Clear-Red-Green-Violet-Amber-Blue. These lights Flash vs constant ON function.

Warning: Pete says "It is essential to use Waterproof Switches and Fuse Assemblies to avoid shorting your bike's electrical system, the first time you get caught in the rain!"

You must use these specifically designed, Waterproof Electrical components in order to ensure that you fully prevent shorting your bike's electrical system due to moisture. Nope, the ones at Auto Zone will not work, trust us, we know!

#32 "Best Buy" Water Proof Electrical System Kit

Includes 2ea. 3M Automotive Adhesion Promoter Packets, 2ea. Mulitple Wire Crimp Blocks, 1ea. Weatherproof Fuse Hoder and Fuse, 1ea. Weatherproof Push Button Switch, Wire Ties, 3M Extra Wide Weatherproof Double Sided Tape,  Wire Terminals & Crimp Connectors.

All for just $19.95 + $6.50 Shipping & Handling.

You must call to order this kit at this time. We will get it on our order form in the near future!

#022 Water Proof Electrical Switch $12.00 ea. + $6.50 Shipping & Handling

#023 Water Proof Fuse Housing $15.00 ea. + $6.50 Shipping & Handling

Pete's Hot and Cold Drink Holders, yeah!


These "Butler" Big Mugs come in two sizes; 34 oz. and 20 oz. They come complete with a Universal Mounting Hardware Kit for Left or Right handlebar mounting. Simply replace the two factory screws with those indicated for your model bike. They come with two (2) lids, one with a straw for traveling, the other is a conventional lid. These mugs are known for their ability to keep Cold liquids COLD, or Hot liquids HOT!  Both are $50.00 + Shipping & Handling

#024 Butler 34 oz. Mug $60.00 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling

Call or Email us to order yours today!

#025 Butler 20 oz. Mug  $60.00 + $8.50 Shipping & Handling

Call or Email us to order yours today!


Some of Pete's other favorite items!

Throttle Rocker II

Throttle Rocker II Attaches to Motorcycle Throttle Handle with Adjustable Velcro. It really saves your hand on those long rides.  

#026 $9.99 + $6.50 Shipping & Handling.

Be sure to check out our ACE IT® Products too!


This is Pete's Windshield with Windshield Illuminators at night!

This is Pete's very own windshield. He is selling it for a mere $250.00. It's tinted and hand etched.

This is a tinted windshield for a Harley Ultra Classic FLHTCUI

#027 Harley Ultra Classic Tinted Windshield, Hand Etched. One of a kind!

Call about this windshield today!



All items sold on this page is subject to availability. You can order on-line via Pay Pal or you can contact us with your order at 314-808-6656 or Email us at  We take only Visa and MasterCard over the phone. Shipping and Handling Charges vary so call before you buy!

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