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Georgia State Distributor

Pete 314-808-6656 or Joni 478-918-5205

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                       What is Ace It?

ACE-It is a premium synthetic polish designed to enhance and protect the synthetic clear coats on paints used on your car, boat, truck, RV, or motorcycle. You can safely use ACE-It and only ACE-It on every part of your bike, car, boat,  truck, etc. It can be applied to the windshield, pinstriping, paint, chrome, leather, and even vinyl, everything except the tires and I say that because I haven't tried it on them yet!

What ACE-It DOES NOT contain, is what makes it so unique and safe for so many finishes.

No Silicones or Petroleum Oils

No Ammonia

No Alcohol

ACE-It contains a very high percentage of active ingredients or "Solids" which is 10 to 20 times more than other polishes. We set out to create something different and that is what we have here. Lacking a multi-million dollar advertising budget, it was figured early on that ACE-It would have to be sold "Word of Mouth". In order to do that, you have to have a really good product that people will talk about. ACE-It is exactly that! Just try it once and you too will be sold on it.

ACE-It contains very effective non-abrasive cleaners and non-organic Polymers.

What's a polymer?

Polymers are similar in molecular structure to the clear coat on your vehicle's finish.  Polymers is a chain of molecules combining with one another to achieve a final synthetic chemical form. The way these molecules are cross-linked binds them to "Cure" forming a process called polymerization. This process is only achieved with synthetic chemicals. Organic based products can never perform this way.  It is the Synthetic technology which enables the Polymers to chemically bond with the surface. Organic waxes only lie on the surface and immediately start to deteriorate causing hazing or dulling, check. Silicones are not considered paint shop safe while Petroleum based polishes, leaves an oily finish that attracts dirt and holds dust. ACE-It's Linked Polymers form an instant multi-bond complex to the finish that is crystal clear and as smooth as glass.

Works great on Glass of all kinds- Resist Finger Prints, smears, and water spots. Makes glass completely see through. It protects for much longer than other products and it promotes safer driving in rain as the water just runs right off. Promotes a no-fog surface too. Try it on your glasses!

Also works on Motorcycle Windshields, Fairings, Face Shields, Corvettes, Boats, Mirrors, Paint Work, Decals, Powder Coat, Chrome, Plastics, Air Brush Images, Rubber, Harleys, Hondas and just about anything else you can think of.

ACE-It does not contain Ammonia or Alcohol so it won't dry or crack any surface.

All you have to do is simply shake the bottle, spray it on a small area and wipe it off with an ACE-It Micro Fiber Towel or a clean dry cotton cloth. It will safely remove bugs, dust, road film, and dirt with no streaks or smears.

Here is the challenge. Order a bottle of ACE-It and a ACE-It Micro Fiber Towel to use the next time you clean your bike, car, truck, camper, boat, mirrors, or whatever, try it just like we said to.

See if you are as pleased with the outcome as we were. This is a fantastic product that is very easy to use. It produces the best, longest lasting shine, with less effort and expense than any other polishing product available today! Once you've tried it, tell you friends, co-workers, and family members about it. Tell them to visit this site to find out more about ACE-It.

Order yours here on-line today or call Pete at 314-808-6656

Local Distributors Welcomed!

If you aren't carrying ACE It products on your shelf, you aren't offering your customers the best there is!


It's the only brand Pete uses!

I have been Pinstriping and Windshield Etching over 30 years and this is the ONLY polish I endorse! It is a Space Age, non-abrasive spray-on polish which can be used on glass, plexi, lexan, windshields, chrome, and yes, especially on my pinstripe paint. The UV filters helps protect your graphics, paint and decals from fading. There is NO grit, silicone, or petroleum oils, ammonia, or alcohol in ACE IT! You get a serious, long lasting shine with no streaking, smearing, or mess. Don't confuse this product with other "so called fast detail spray-ons". Its polymer blend instantly bonds to the finish leaving a deep protective shine you would work hours to achieve with other products.

We are the Georgia State Distributor for this product. If you are interested in becoming a Dealer (Wholesale), contact us for more information. Thanks

Pete "The Greek" Floros

#028-ACE IT Big Bottle 16 oz. w/Free Micorfiber Towel

$29.95 + S&H of $8.00

#029 ACE IT Med. 6 oz Bottle 

$15.95 + S&H of $6.00

#030 ACE IT Travel  2 oz. Bottle

$7.95 + S&H of $4.00

#031 ACE IT- Microfiber Towel

Highly suggested for best results!

$5.95 + S&H of $2.00

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