TaTEDO Board of Directors

TaTEDO is organized and governed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the governance, policy and strategy organ of TaTEDO and brings a vast range of knowledge and experience in governing. It serves as an advocate for the objectives of TaTEDO and has final responsibility for all decisions relating to the TaTEDO's structure, governance, strategic aims and financial management, including the management work plan and budget. The Board is composed of not less than nine (9) members to be elected by the General Meeting. The Board member’s tenure is three (3) years which may be renewed for two(2) more terms to make a total of nine (9) years. The Board meets at least after three months (quarterly) within a financial year and the quorum must be of not less than half (1/2) of all members

Without prejudice to the powers delegated to it, the Board, directly or through its Committees, has exclusive powers regarding a number of matters, including:

Board members execute their functions through four committees. These are: