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The organisation has lean optimal number of staff and work with sourced associates/partners and consultants. The team of staff with strategic thinking execute sustainable energy development activities rendered by the organisation.

TaTEDO has a policy of continuously improving her capacity, through training, recruitment of competent staff and acquiring skills of developing sustainable energy services at different community levels. TaTEDO has managed and maintained a total of 25 core staff members collaborating with associates, consultants and volunteers at the head offices and 4 core staff at the zonal enterprise centres at Moshi in order to carry out successfully community sustainable energy activities.

Staff members of TaTEDO are responsible for the day-to-day functioning and implementing of its programmes and projects. Staff report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is overall responsible for the organisational activities. Staff members of TaTEDO are responsible for administration, publicity and effective implementation of programme/project activities.

About TaTEDO

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About TaTEDO

TaTEDO is a sustainable energy services organization based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania with Zonal Centre in Moshi Municipality, implementing activities in several regions, About TaTEDOdistricts and villages in Tanzania. The organization has more than twenty five years’ experience actively involved in sustainable energy development projects and programmes in rural areas. It is also hosting national and regional networks and is affiliated to several local and international sustainable energy development partners and networks. In this regard, TaTEDO executes its work based on the experience and knowledge drawn from its staff, networks and partners at local, national and international levels.





A country where all have access to sustainable energy services, while conserving the environment, creating wealth and combating climate change


To Facilitate and empower stakeholders in order to unlock barriers to increased access to sustainable energy services, by enhancing energy technologies, business and policy capacities in partnership with communities, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders for environmental conservation, wealth creation and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


  • Improve quality of life of Tanzanians by contributing to availability of improved and sustainable energy services, employment and income generating opportunities, which are essential for poverty reduction,
  • Reduce environmental degradation resulting from increased use of wood and fossil fuels,
  • Assist the country to reduce dependence on imported energy.


The overall objective of TaTEDO is to facilitate majority of the population, particularly women in rural areas to access sustainable energy technologies and services that contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


  •  Promote the use of sustainable energy for productive uses (industrial, and agriculture), consumptive uses (households) and institutional uses (education, health, water and communities etc.).
  • Implement sustainable energy programmes and projects at the local levels.
  • Provide energy related consultancy services.
  • Develop networking and partnership with local and international organizations,
  • Manage and disseminate energy awareness information to stakeholders.
  • Conduct lobbying and advocacy to influence energy related policies, legislations and strategies
  • Support sustainable energy enterprises.
  • Conduct energy related applied researches.

TaTEDO Board of Directors

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TaTEDO is organized and governed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the governance, policy and strategy organ of TaTEDO and brings a vast range of knowledge and experience in governing. It serves as an advocate for the objectives of TaTEDO and has final responsibility for all decisions relating to the TaTEDO's structure, governance, strategic aims and financial management, including the management work plan and budget. The Board is composed of not less than nine (9) members to be elected by the General Meeting. The Board member’s tenure is three (3) years which may be renewed for two(2) more terms to make a total of nine (9) years. The Board meets at least after three months (quarterly) within a financial year and the quorum must be of not less than half (1/2) of all members

Without prejudice to the powers delegated to it, the Board, directly or through its Committees, has exclusive powers regarding a number of matters, including:

  • Review and approve reports prepared by office bearers for submission to theGeneral Meeting,
  • Co-ordinate activities of various organs and committees that may be established bythe board,
  • Ensure financial sustainability of the organization by mobilizing fund while ensuringtheir rational utilization as per the rules and regulations,
  • Consider and approve the organization's budget prepared by office bearers beforepresentation to the General Meeting,
  • Maintain Community and Government relations,
  • Ensure that high quality services are provided and mechanisms for addressingshortcomings are established,
  • Prepare the agenda and minutes of all general meetings,
  • Establish different committees as they may deem necessary.

Board members execute their functions through four committees. These are:

  • Management and Governance Committee: The committee is responsible for managerial issues.
  • Technical Committee: The committee is responsible with infrastructural and other technical issues in the organisation.
  • Financial Sustainability Committee: The committee deals with fundraising and resource mobilization and its well management.
  • Enterprise and Investment Committee: The committee is responsible with entrepreneurship and market development issues in the organisation. All related enterprise services are responsibilities of the committee.