The management of TaTEDO shall comprised of the Executive Director (ED) who is supported by the managers of various technical and administrative departments and project coordinators. The Executive Director is in-charge of the day-to-day management and implementation of the organization’s development activities and is employed by the Board. The organization down the hierarchy has a supporting office for supporting its development activities in the Northern Zone.

Project Coordinators and Department Managers report directly to the Executive Director, Other TaTEDO staff are answerable and report to respective departments’ heads and programme leaders. TaTEDO manages its programmes through a team constituted by Executive Director, project coordinators and project staff. The project staff are also considered as an integrated part of the organization. Competent accountants shall administer funds in collaboration with programme and project coordinators.

TaTEDO’s organizational structure supports implementation of the organizational strategies, programmes and projects. The structure support the AGM, Board, Projects and Departments and Partners. The structure indicates sharing of responsibilities between projects, organization and other entities, since information sharing is mandatory in the organization