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Sustainable Energy Services Company (SESCOM)

Sustainable Energy Services Company (SESCOM) is a company with intention to commercialize sustainable energy products and services from locally available energy sources aims to make renewable energy technologies and services affordable to customers especially to the households, institutions and business enterprises. It does so by using a broad network of contractors, dealers and retailers, offering them competitive services and products. The Company has experience of undertaking renewable energy business activities in off-grid areas of Tanzania. SESCOM has been dealing with the installation of solar PV home systems, solar mobile phone multi-charging stations and solar drying in Tanzania. The company has recorded installation of more than 100 sustainable energy systems in the off-grid areas. These include 67 solar PV systems for institutions, households and business enterprises, 28 solar PV systems for SMEs and 14 solar water heaters in institutions and SMEs.
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Sustainable Energy Enterprise Company (SEECO)

Sustainable Energy Enterprise Company (SEECO) is a Limited Company dealing with commercialization of proven renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) technologies and services. The company has more than ten years’ experience actively involved in sustainable energy development business and projects. The company has 10 staff, 7 of whom are University graduates and 3 are support staff. The company employs several local energy technicians and stove artisans in its workshop (who received capacity from SEECO). SEECO has implemented several sustainable energy projects in Tanzania with business nature. The mission of SEECO is to produce and provide a selected range of renewable and energy efficient products to the needy buyers ranging from individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions

The SEECO’s future strategy is built up short term, medium and long term objectives which are explained in its strategies -Develop, strengthen and re-orient a team and staff to business and commercialization of energy technologies/products ; -Build and effectively manage working capital i.e. stock, creditors, debtors and cash; -Diversify company products and services range to create more stable income; -Expand partnership, networking and strategic alliances for effective sourcing, dealership or/and technology sharing; -Explore potentials for joint venture investment and analyse the best opportunities to invest in medium size renewable energy projects
The company has worked with both rural and urban communities in various sites in Tanzania.
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Sustainable Energy Financial Access Fund (SEFA FUND)

SEFA-Fund is a public benefits fund registered by BRELLA to provide financial capital to low-income energy entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium enterprises to support businesses of renewable energy and energy-efficiency products. The SEFA fund took effect in 2008.

• The Vision of SEFA-Fund is to scale up the energy funding needs of micro, small and medium business enterprises in order to lowers future energy cost, adds comfort to households, strengthens our economy and leaves our environment healthier for generations to come through use of energy efficiently and renewable energy services.
• The Mission of SEFA-Fund is to support energy social entrepreneurship in the different hierarchies of community by availing financial resources for investing in efficient technologies and renewable resources that generate sustainable energy services, save financial resources and protect the environment

SEFA-Fund has three packages provided to its customers for production, vending, investment or predicaments in the energy sector and a proven track record of accomplishments. These are: • Financial Support through Loans for Energy Groups • Financial Support through Loans for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises • Financial Support for Immediate Constraints for MSM Enterprises
The SEFA fund may provide loans, equity investments and energy production credits. The fund is authorized to support renewable and energy efficient products, which generally include solar photovoltaic (PV); solar thermal electric energy; wind energy; biomass energy, energy to be generated by small hydroelectric facilities; certain waste-to-energy which is a component of conventional municipal solid waste plant technology in commercial use; low-emission advanced biomass power conversion technologies using fuels such as wood, by-products or waste from agricultural crops, food or animals, energy crops, biogas and liquid biofuels. In addition, the fund may support combined heat and power (CHP) systems and solar hot water.