TaTEDO Approach
Based on several years of field experience, TaTEDO has managed to formulate her field approach for implementing sustainable modern energy activities in urban and rural communities. The approach is divided into three major steps namely creation of local partnership with local organizations and authorities, community mobilization and technical capacity building business and entrepreneurship development. The summary of these steps is shown hereunder:

Partnership with Local Organizations and Authorities
Local partnership involves identifying local organizations or district sustainable energy development clusters, which are willing to work jointly with TaTEDO to implement and support sustainable modern energy development activities at local level. TaTEDO has so far managed to facilitate the formation of District Sustainable Energy Development Clusters (DISEDCs) in fourteen districts and works jointly with partner organizations in thirteen districts. TaTEDO’s partnership has also trickled down to the villages whereby village energy teams, and Sustainable Energy Groups (SEGs) have been formed in order to successful undertake sustainable modern energy activities at village level. Through this step, community participation, good governance is supported to encourage involvement of all stakeholders at local levels.

Field Implementation Approach
TaTEDO applies a systematic field approach in the implementation of sustainable modern energy development activities. The approach is structured in a number of implementation phases; this has proved successful in the implementation of sustainable modern energy initiatives and community interventions.
The approach includes participatory planning, implementation and monitoring of the interventions at local level. Participatory development of enterprise and business development services during technical capacity building is very important step to ensure marketing of technologies and services as important elements of the sustainability of energy activities. This method involves helping the entrepreneurs to screen and validate business ideas, undertake opportunity and market analysis using appropriate marketing tools and strategies to implement successful business enterprises. The structure aims at facilitating the scaling up, replicating and mainstreaming energy initiatives at the local level. Successful development, support and strengthening of actors shown in this structure imply enhancing capacity for accessing modern energy technologies and services at the local level. The field approach is supported by a strong and feasible local level institutional structure (fig 5) for facilitating access to sustainable modern energy services.

At the village level, the programme is based on the principle of local responsibility for management/operation, after adequate capacity building efforts with support from TaTEDO and DiSEDCs. The village sustainable energy service providers are supported to ensure both technical and business viability are created and sustained at the village level.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development
The approach involves developing capacity of energy social entrepreneurs to undertake and operate sustainable energy enterprises profitably through market promotion, business development, as well as advocating for favourable business environment. After the stage of demonstrating sustainable modern energy technologies, TaTEDO identifies entrepreneurs who are willing to promote modern energy technologies in both rural and urban areas. After identification and selection of energy entrepreneurs, assessment is conducted to determine market and barriers, prepare business plan and determine type and level of BDS support services to be offered to the group of entrepreneurs under consideration. Technology specific entrepreneur support package is prepared and carefully implemented according to the area and entrepreneur specific requirements. TaTEDO supports packages in the following categories:

-Enterprise Start-ups Package: This is a package for entrepreneurs who are willing to start their own businesses and who have never carried out business before. The lack of business skills for running energy enterprises is often observed as the most serious barrier to development of small energy business sector.
-Existing Enterprise Package: This is a package for existing entrepreneurs who are already in the energy enterprises but lack business management skills to run businesses more efficiently, profitably and sustainably. The focus is on those entrepreneurs who want to switch to sustainable modern energy technology production, installation or use for businesses. The support services include coaching of the entrepreneurs.