About TaTEDO
TaTEDO is a sustainable energy development organization based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania with zonal offices in Shinyanga and Moshi towns , implementing activities in more than ten (10) regions, 30 districts and 70 villages in Tanzania. The organization has more than twenty years’ experience actively involved in sustainable energy development projects and programmes in rural areas. It is also hosting national and regional networks and is affiliated to several local and international sustainable energy development partners and networks. In this regard, TaTEDO executes its work based on the experience and knowledge drawn from such networks and partners at local, national and international levels.


To be the leading social enterprise organization facilitating majority access to sustainable energy technologies and services


To facilitate increased access to sustainable energy technologies and services in Tanzania, while enhancing financial sustainability in partnerships with communities, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders for environmental conservation and poverty reduction.

Core Values

To achieve its vision and mission, TaTEDO constantly and diligently subscribe to a culture built on the following values: - Passion and professional excellency in discharge of duties.
Commitment, teamwork and dedications to the mission.
Integrity and accountability.
High quality and satisfactory services to our customers.
Creativity and innovations for energy technologies and delivery mechanisms.
Social enterprise principals.


Improve quality of life of Tanzanians by contributing to availability of improved and sustainable energy services, employment and income generating opportunities, which are essential for poverty reduction,

Reduce environmental degradation resulting from increased use of wood and fossil fuels, Assist the country to reduce dependence on imported energy.


The overall objective of TaTEDO is to enable majority of the population, particularly women in rural areas to access sustainable energy technologies and services that contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Promote the use of sustainable energy for productive uses (industrial, agriculture and basic infrastructure), consumptive uses (households and communities) and institutional uses (education, health, water etc.).
Implement sustainable energy programmes and projects at the local levels.
Provide energy related consultancy services.
Develop networking and partnership with local and international organizations.
Manage and disseminate energy information to stakeholders.
Conduct lobbying and advocacy to influence energy related policies, legislations and strategies
Support sustainable energy enterprises.
Conduct energy related applied researches.

Programme and Projects.

TaTEDO has over the years successfully implemented more than 15 programmes and projects for promoting sustainable energy access to the majority of rural Tanzanians. TaTEDO is sincerely grateful to her development partners for the generous support. The development partners include: MFA, Royal Norwegian Government, NORAD, HiVOS, EU, UNEP, DGIS/ETC, USAID, UNDP, ESMAP, FINNIDA, GOT and REA.

Energy Networks Development.

TaTEDO has for a long time established and developed different sustainable energy networks and related sustainable energy associations. TaTEDO is one of the founder of the Tanzania Solar Energy Association (TASEA) which is now Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA). TaTEDO has also facilitated formation of ten (10) District Sustainable Energy Development Clusters (DISEDCs), Community Centre for Sustainable Energy Enterprise Services (COSEESEs), several Sustainable Energy Enterprise Groups (SEGs) and Village Energy Teams (VETs). TaTEDO has also assisted in the formation of several private companies and groups such as Umeme Jua, SEECO, SEDC, SESCOM , SEFA-fund, Baking Groups, Tree Nursery Groups, Sahara Stove Group and several Renewable Energy Micro Enterprises.

Selected Achievements.

TaTEDO has been collaborating with different partners, in the efforts to enable the majority in Tanzania to access sustainable energy services through two energy carriers and related technologies; solid biofuels and electricity; On solid biofuels, efforts have been on efficient cook stoves and charcoal production. More than 2 mill. Stoves have been disseminated with support of TaTEDO and more than 1500 stoves artisans trained. On electrification efforts have been on promoting stand alone and mini grid based renewable energy technologies. More than 800 technicians have been trained and several thousand systems sold and installed with TaTEDO support.

Major focus has been to build capacity for assessment, designing, installation, maintenance of technologies, businesses and marketing for individuals, institutions, organizations, Local Government Authorities and entrepreneurs. Building local institutional framework for delivering energy services.

TaTEDO is the focal point of two energy networks: the East African Energy Technology Development Network (EAETDN) and the National Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (NGSEN). The organization is also a member of other national networks such as the Institutional Collaboration on Research and Development in Tanzania (ICRDT) and a member of the board of the University College of Engineering, Technology Development and Transfer Centre.

Project Development and Management

With substantial field experience, TaTEDO has been developing and managing sustainable energy and environmental conservation projects in urban and rural areas by applying various implementation approaches in project development and management. The approaches are divided into several major steps namely Creation of Local Partnership working directly with local organizations and authorities, Community Mobilization with Technical and business Capacity building and market networking development. In a nutshell the three steps are explained as follows:

Community Mobilization

The use of Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) has been a major entry point for introducing sustainable energy technologies and services in programme and project areas. The purpose of Community Mobilization is to build and support collaboration and service integration, provide technical assistance, develop resources, and facilitate community engagement in order to promote sustainable energy and well-being of people at different levels.

Support to Local Energy Entrepreneurs

Capacity building is the core function of TaTEDO’s initiatives. In the process of building capacity, the organization has supported improvement of the technical and business capacities of entrepreneurs and communities as a whole to manage and implement sustainable energy activities. Capacity building starts with awareness creation and technologies demonstration and business development.

Thereafter provision of technical skills and business service in order to enable target groups to produce and disseminate technologies and capacity building through training, Provision of energy technology production facilities and working tools. In order to speed up and create sustainability in the process of dissemination of sustainable energy technologies, the organization has managed to undertake training on energy entrepreneurship and business skills for different target groups .

Enterprises Development and Commercialization

As a Social Enterprise Organization our objective is to scale up and commercialize sustainable energy technologies and services through self-sustaining market networks for meeting basic and productive energy needs in households, institutions and small and medium entrepreneurs. The effort aim at contributing in a sustainable way to poverty reduction and environmental conservation in Tanzania through increased access to sustainable energy technologies and services

Through enterprise development and commercialization of sustainable energy technologies men and women entrepreneurs are empowered to scale up dissemination of sustainable energy technologies and services. The institutional and financial barriers hindering commercialization of sustainable energy technologies are addressed to allow entrepreneurs to conduct viable and profitable businesses.

Engendering Energy Services

TaTEDO embark on gender mainstreaming in energy projects/programmes and has so far conducted training to more than 34 energy practitioners . Gender mainstreaming in energy projects ensure equal participation, opportunities and benefits to men and women, there by contribute to the achievement of the MDGs.

Sustainable Charcoal Production

Efforts are made to promote sustainable charcoal production practices in order to reduce forest degradation and deforestation. The improved practices promoted by TaTEDO increase charcoal yield by up to 30 percent and also produce charcoal from forest and agro residues using simple retorts and briquetting machines.

TaTEDO is Committed to Enabling the Rural Majority in Tanzania to Access Sustainable Energy Technologies and Services.