Sustainable Energy Services Company (SESCOM)

SESCOM is an energy services social enterprise whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of marginalized households and communities through sustainable energy solutions and services. The company is based in Dar es Salaam with  more than 13 years of undertaking activities in household’s solar water heaters installation, social services centers electrification, improved cook stove constructions, technical capacity building, production and marketing of high quality charcoal briquettes.

SESCOM has been implementing most of her activities in off grid rural areas where access to modern energy services is limited. The energy technologies promoted and disseminated by SESCOM are related to electrification for households and institutions (solar PV, biofuel powered MFPs) and green charcoal production for environment conservation.

SESCOM is focusing on renewable energy and environmental friendly innovations that play a tremendous different in lives of people in rural and urban areas of Tanzania. These include installation of renewable energy mini-grids and isolated renewable and energy efficient systems for solar energy, wind energy, small hydro, biofuels and others, all performed through business interventions – both of them supported by sustainable energy technologies. The company responsibly provides the sustainable energy services that power and fuel households, institutions and commercial entities.

The company has participated in implementation of different projects among them including;

  • Joint venture in electricity generation
  • Consultancy services in feasibility studies for decentralized energy systems and mini-grids
  • Productive use of energy technologies including Ovens, Solar Dryer, Mini grids electricity and  Solar farms

 The SESCOM basic activities include

  • Development ofgreen energy projects at different stages i.e. Planning, Designing, sizing, installation of decentralized energy systems and mini-grids
  • Market development of energy products and related business for productive use
  • Small and micro enterprises capacity building on business and entrepreneurship.
  • Establishments of different sustainable energy micro-enterprises
  • Marketing and construction of efficient solar dryers for food processing
  • Production and marketing of green charcoal briquettes.

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