TaTEDO Installed Mini-grids for Rural Electrification in 16 Villages
TaTEDO Installed Mini-grids for Rural Electrification in 16 VillagesTaTEDO through the EU/HIVOS supported programme on Up-Scaling Access to Integrated Modern Energy Services for Poverty Reduction has installed mini-grids in 16 rural villages of Tanzania. These are villages located in Shinyanga, Manyara, Tanga, Tabora, minigridKagera, and Kilimanjaro Regions. The villages received mini-grids (and their respective districts) are Mwamadilanha, Mwakitode and Lyabukande (Shinyanga Rural), Ulowa, Chambo and Segese (Kahama), Mji Mwema (Siha), Lunzawe and Uyovu (Bukombe), Mashewa and Kimbo (Muheza), Mnazi and Mlola (Lushoto)Nyakanazi (Biharamulo), Kijungu (Kiteto) and Kona Nne (Kaliua).

Installed mini-grids are connected to the flex-fuel Energy Services Platform (ESP) which may use either liquid biofuels or mineral diesel. The ESP, apart from electricity, can generate motive power for milling, oil pressing and water pumping. Electricity from the mini-grids is commercially supplied to selected rural communities and has enabled the communities to access services of lighting, refrigeration, cell-phone charging, powering computers, battery charging, etc.

As a result of these mini-grids, an average of more than Tshs 60 million are circulating in rural communities each month. After removing operational costs, the average net revenue for all mini-grids per month may amount to Tshs 25.6 million. The mini-grids have also improved social services such as health, education, water supply, business services, employment, telecommunication, etc in village communities reached by the programme.