School Children Free from Indoor Air Pollution
School Children Free from Indoor Air PollutionTandale Primary School is a Government School which is located at Kinondoni Municipal Council in Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania. There are 1,834 students studying from 8 am to 4 pm . School provides breakfast for students once a day prepared on traditional three stone firetandale-wood stove.

TaTEDO’s team went to the school for reconnaissance and find two ladies who were preparing breakfast for students. The school kitchen was full of smoke and whoever entered the kitchen were irritated on their eyes. The team talked to Headmaster for possibility of solving this problem. TaTEDO decided to construct improved cook stove which is environmental friendly and can save funds for school. ICS has a lot of benefits; it does not only reduce the consumption of firewood by at least 40% but also creates the smoke free environment inside the school boundaries.

As the school agreed to construct an ICS, firstly, the diameter of pot was measured and find that they were using to cook was 72 cm with 32 cm height, it was calculated that 130 litres of volume should be cooked at a time and they need to cook twice at the same time. Then two pot-hole ICS was selected as 21 cm standard sized fire gate design and constructed on Rocket principle. The stove was left to dry for about a week after construction for complete bonding of the aggregates.

Then it was subjected to heat by burning some fire-wood for about a week. The stove is now working as a replacement of three stone stove. It is easy to operate and cooks are not affected by smoke since smoke from both pot rest escape through the chimney. The school was initially spending Tshs 6000/= per day for firewood. The cost has been reduced to Tshs 4000/= per day.