Green Mini-Grids

Green Mini-Grids are electricity mini-grids powered by renewable energy resources – solar radiation, wind, hydropower or biomass – either exclusively or in combination with diesel generation. There are three options for providing new connections to currently unserved populations, namely: i) connection to the national grid: ii) installation of Green Mini-Gridsseparate “mini” grids to operate independently from the main grid, and: iii) stand-alone generating systems that supply individual consumers.

TaTEDO is promoting mini-grids through awareness raising, undertaking studies and installation of mini-grids for rural electrification. A large number of households, institutions and SMEs have accessed electricity through green mini-grids powered by Energy Services Platforms (ESPs) which have been installed in 21 villages in Arusha, Shinyanga, Tanga and Rukwa Regions. TaTEDO and WRI conducted a Mini Grid Study and produced a publication titled Accelerating Mini-Grid Deployment In Sub-Saharan Africa (Lessons from Tanzania). TaTEDO is at the moment continuing with mini-grid awareness intervention in selected areas of Tanzania