Productive Use of Energy

The goals of sustainable development are to raise incomes of the people especially poor and also to ensure that they are educated and healthy, and treated equally. Thus, an enhanced understanding of what is a productive use of energy must take into account not only the direct impact of energy on raising incomes, but also the indirect impacts Productive Use of Energythat energy that can have on education, health, and gender issues.  a productive use of energy is one that involves the application of energy derived mainly from renewable resources to create goods and/or services either directlyor indirectly for the production of income or value.

TaTEDO in order to ensure productive use of energy, the organization through its interventions strengthen the social entrepreneurship (revenue generating activities) by creating a new model where business principles, market characteristics and values (competition, diversification, entrepreneurship, innovation and a focus on the bottom line) co-exist and work with communities to serve the public interest. This enables TaTEDO to grow and perform their functions effectively, reduce dependency, support growth of associated enterprises and networks and promote networking, lobbying partnership and advocacy. TaTEDO seeks to attain financial sustainability through enhanced networking with partners and stakeholders, strengthen public private partnerships, develop new revenue generation avenues, promote, establish and manage energy social enterprises. Strategic links with banks and other financial institution and other business will be established.